Rachna Mukherjee

Chief Human Resources Officer

“Predictive analytics is one of the latest tools that help organisations in boosting the effectiveness of its hires.”



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Ms Rachna Mukherjee is currently the Chief Human Resources Officer of Schneider Electric, India and South Asia. She carries the diverse experience of over 25 years in cultural and strategic people transformations in organizations. She has been with Schneider Electric India for over 4 years.

Prior to joining Schneider Electric, she has played key strategic HR roles in IT & Telecom industries, in organizations such as Microsoft, IBM and so on.

Rachna is the recipient of the “HR Leader for Diversity & Inclusion Award” – 2018 & ‘’Woman HR Leader of the Year Award’’ – 2016 from Business World, India.

Rachna is an Electronics & Electrical Engineer from BITS – Pilani, India and after an initial contribution to Engineering roles, she moved to Human Resources.

Chief Human Resources Officer

Schneider Electric, Greater India

Vice President - HR & Life/ Executive Coach

Aircel Ltd.

Director, People and Organisation Capability. India

Microsoft Corporation India Pvt.Ltd.

Head - Leadership Development & Talent Management

IBM, India

GM - Management Development & HR

Escotel Mobile Communications Limited. India


National Informatics Centre (NIC)

Systems Analyst

Blue Star Ltd. (Hewlett Packard Divn.)

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Talent Management

Human Resouces

Talent Aquisition

Rachna Mukherjee Quotes In Major Publications

 Here are a few quotes of views which were published in publications and magazines around the world.

Brainfeed Higher Education Plus

“Recent Trends in the recruitment industry have indicated that the percentage of passive candidates is increasing as compared to active candidates looking fora job”

Sights In Plus

Every generation has an equal contribution to the holistic growth of an organisation. With the technologically advanced younger generations– Millennials & Generation Z now stepping onto the stage –it is important for previous generations to bridge the gap and ensure seamless flow of communication and exchange of knowledge”

Times Jobs: Interim Budget 2019

“With the government’s commitment towards skilling 10 million youth by 2020, the budget this year could focus on skill development. The number of under-skilled resources is directly linked to the rate of unemployment in a country and it may prove to be a stumbling block for an economy aiming to boost overall growth. While the allocation of skill development has increased considerably in India in the past few years, the issue of optimal utilisation of resources needs to be addressed”

Edu Alamanac - Innovation in hiring, Global trends

 “Recent trends in recruitment industry have indicated that the percentage of passive candidates is increasing as compared to active candidates looking for a job. This makes it imperative to identify innovative ways of locating and contacting potential candidates rather than traditional mechanisms of waiting for people to apply. Corporate organisations are therefore are inclined towards using Artificial Intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and bots to identify and analyze candidates’ previous experiences. Use of these technologies has significantly simplified the overall recruitment process and has been instrumental in bringing down the overall costs incurred in the recruitment process.” 

My story

Rachna Mukherjee, CHRO, Schneider Electric, an engineer turned HR professional, has stayed relevant and crucial for the business, even without a formal degree in HR. There was a role in HR, in a newly-launched telecom company, that completely gelled with her profile. She took it up as a challenge and has never ever regretted doing so.

Rachna Mukherjee is not an HR professional by default. This engineering graduate from BITS, Pilani spent a significant number of years in engineering—designing and developing software—before she plunged into HR.

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